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Dual Ownership

Dual Ownership is an ingenious scheme that will allow you to own any property that you want in conjunction with a first time buyer or key worker. You can do this by either buying the whole property and then selling off 50% at a later date, or by using the scheme to buy the property for just 50% of its value, with the rest being paid by a first time buyer.

Therefore, unlike in the past with buy to let investments, you will actually be HELPING first time buyers get onto property ladder. In return for this, the first time buyer will pay the mortgage for your respective half of the property, plus an additional monthly premium to you.

Invest Into The Same Property For Considerably Less.

Professional Management Company in place to protect your investment.

Improved Cash-Flow – No Voids and more profitable than Buy to Lets.

All Maintenance costs and Buildings Insurance paid for by Home-Buyer.

Your Co-Buyer will normally take better care of the property than a Tenant.

The Greener Investment – help first time buyers onto the market rather than force them off.

Did You Know... You Can Turn Your Empty Apartments Into Cash?
If you have any untenanted apartments which are losing you money, Dual Ownership will find you a home buyer to buy part of your property. This way, not only do you make money back from selling part of your investment, you also have a more secure long term tenant to give you a monthly return.

For Further Details Call 0166 448 1119.

Dual Ownership is a very flexible tool to help you get the most from your investment. We recommend one of the following two options:

Option One
By using Dual-Ownership you can now purchase this investment for 50% of the properties price in conjunction with a home buyer. As well as paying their own mortgage, the home buyer will pay you a monthly return to cover your mortgage repayment, as well as additional 1% on top of your mortgage interest rate as a premium. Please note we do not recommend this option for properties which are still Offplan for longer than 12 weeks.

Option Two
Purchase this property in its entirety. Then (if not already) on completion sell 50% to a home buyer for the full valuation / market price, thus making a profit straight away. Like above, the home buyer will pay you a monthly return to cover your mortgage repayment, as well as additional 1% on top of your mortgage interest rate as a premium. Please note that you can do this now with any properties you may currently own.

Costs Breakdown
- £500 Instruction Fee (Non refundable. Paid upfront). *
- Dual-Ownership Fee: 1% of The Properties’ Value (Paid on successful conclusion of the property purchase).
For Further Details Call 0116 229 3114.

Interested? Click here to download the Investor’s Information Pack [PDF, 245kb]

* The Application Fee is None Refundable. However, Should Dual-Ownership Not Be Able To Find You An Appropriate Home-Buyer In Time, Then The Application Fee Can Be Transferred To Another Dual-Ownership Investment.

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